Managing People for Growth -West 14

Event Date

16 April 2019


Our workshops cover a number of key areas to help you develop the skills of your people managers.

The role of the manager:

Identify the skills and approaches people managers require when performing their role successfully both now and in the future.

Find out about implementing fair and progressive work practices:

Understand the key drivers for developing new ways of working (eg fair work framework, productivity, benefits of employee engagement)
Roles and responsibilities of a people manager
Identify skills, style and attributes of an effective manager
Understand the role of effectively maximising and improving existing skills of your staff
Empowering individuals and teams

Get an introduction to managing the needs of diverse groups to build and maintain an autonomous and engaged high performing team to achieve business goals:

Identify the characteristics of a good, diverse team and how this can have a positive impact on the workplace
Understand unconscious bias, demographic changes and the needs of a diverse group
Maximise teams existing skills and encourage collaboration to align skills to improve productivity/strategic direction of business
Understand the benefits of a work environment in which people are empowered, productive, contributing and happy
Communication, influencing and assertiveness skills
Identify the main principles and techniques for effective influencing and assertiveness and learn techniques for encouraging creativity and problem solving within teams.

Learn tools and techniques to embrace employee voice and employee representation, ensuring communication style is effective for all the team:

Understand the issues that employees have with communication and the potentials barriers to achieving shared understanding
Manage emotions and understanding body language for successful interpersonal communications
Understand the effect employee voice can have on a team or business and how to encourage and embrace this
Coaching and delegation

Get an introduction to the principles of effective coaching and delegation with the purpose of improving productivity and making the most of existing staff skills:

Examine the link between coaching and delegation
Skills to identify when coaching v delegating will be most effective
Key techniques in coaching to maximise existing employee skills
Managing individual performance
Gain knowledge, skills and confidence to conduct performance reviews that will identify areas of improvement and motivation of staff.

Encourage resonance and understand skills required for setting engaging goals:

Understand what motivates individuals through positive performance management practices
Implement strategies to provide recognition beyond pay
Be able to prevent unnecessary conflict and be more effective at constructively resolving conflict
Understand what resilience means and why it matters to managers and individuals
Creating a culture of innovation
Articulate your organisational culture and describe how this can encourage creativity, problem solving and innovation within your team or organisation.

Influence a culture where leaders and managers don't always have the answers:

Understand how mutual accountability, open communication, trust and shared ownership can foster a collaborative environment.
Be introduced to techniques to encourage employee voice
Learn techniques for encouraging creativity and problem solving
Personal reflection
This informal half day session is used to allow you to summarise your progress during the programme.

Each person is asked to deliver a short 10 minute summary of their achievements to the rest of the group. You can review your time on the programme and discuss what you have learned and how the programme has impacted on your performance.

Workshop dates

16 April 2019 - The role of a manager and setting goals
30 April 2019 - Empowering individuals and team
14 May 2019 - Communication, influencing and assertiveness skills
28 May 2019 - Coaching and delegation
11 June 2019 - Managing individual performance
25 June 2019 - Creating a culture of innovation
TBC - Personal reflection

Event Details
Event Type: Workshops
Doors Open: 9:00 to 17:00
Duration: 8 hours
Admission Fee: 400.00 GBP (ex. VAT) 
Venue: Rogart Street Campus, 2nd floor, training room (No.6), 4 Rogart Street, Glasgow , G40 2AA
Eligibility: Please see full eligibility criteria on the Scottish Enterprise Website.
Disabled Access: Accessible - please note any requirements when booking.
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